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Increasingly, telecommuting is an option to freelance workers and for some socially responsible companies that allow or offer that possibility as a means of optimizing your personal or reconciliation of personal, family and work. This labor advantage, can be a “disaster” in decorating our home if they find or create a space that did not exist and we do not have a specific room. If two people working at home, the problem is doubled.

work at home

So today, since Adaptive Home Lifestyle we offer some solutions to optimize space when the desktop is not just a place where we are a few minutes a day or week to do “homework” to do counts childish or invoices.

If you have to be 8 or more hours a day working at home, the professional needs do not have to ruin the careful decoration of your home.

Find a space with natural light, make work more enjoyable, using the PC will not be as harmful to your eyes and if you’re facing a window, lets you relax your eyes.

If you need a lot of space (a table layout, for example) close a terrace or balcony with a glass, may be an option to value.

A work table with the width along the wall can allow you to install two jobs at each other without anyone “seems punished.”

Take the headspace to place shelves or storage space (up to the roof with a ladder, for example, that can be very decorative) save you trips to another room and allow you to optimize space and time.

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