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Got home a classic wooden puzzle? Well today I will teach them to make a pyramid of cubes personalized with our photos and the message we want. The result is charming, I assure you. The realization is simple and requires no special technique. Just need wooden blocks puzzle, pictures of the size of the cubes, letter stickers, glue and paint.

wooden cube

The first thing we have to do is choose and cut the photos that we will put in the buckets. Once cut, the cubes will stick in wood using glue. To create the messages you want, use the letters stickers we have chosen.

The style of the photo cubes and mark the touch of our creation. If we use traditional wooden cubes, used and worn, and they put in old photos and letters with a classic typeface, style of our pyramid will be retro.

Conversely, if you want to paint or restore the cubes to give it a more modern and current use photo can also do it, just that the style of our pyramid will be more current.

If we want a child to touch our pyramid to place in our children’s room, you can use plastic puzzle cubes. Use photos of children or their favorite cartoon characters and you have a great addition to your room.


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