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Some of those who are sure that happens too often, is that more homes are built not taken into account the correct distribution of the windows, and only they are placed there because they simply must be. But the truth is that those who are professionally built to take into account these and other important details to offer a very functional housing and full benefits.

How to properly distribute the windows at home

One of the data to take into account when building the windows at home is that we must ensure that they provide the air flow required for space with fresh air is constantly renewed and charged atmosphere not staying on the walls and furniture .

To do this we must ensure that there are at least two large windows, one on each end of the house that we can afford to enjoy this fresh wind transit. But if the complex architecture has no other window to the end, perhaps a door on the other side is the solution.

As for the size of the windows to locate in either room, we must also take into account the level of lighting that will be needed for these areas as well as the degree of privacy with which you want to count.

But perhaps most important of all this lies in the basic principle that the windows are for the entry of light, heat and power our homes, which is why it is best to know distribute the windows of the house considering the home position against the cardinal.

The larger windows can be placed in front of the sun and also to its setting, ie, that in this way we avoid the lights very early and so we avoid an unnecessary expense if we have sunlight.

If you live in a city of high winds, we must be very careful not to place large windows facing the action of nature.

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