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FGH-balcony window-V FAKRO signature comprises two sheets convertible balcony. The top sheet is projecting opening, capable of a 45 ° angle and with the option of rotating opening, for cleaning the exterior glass. Meanwhile, the lower blade is opened to a vertical position, thus being deployed balcony side rails. The significant opening angles of both blades allow free and easy access to the balcony window.

No need to dwell too much on the advantages of windows-balcony: increase the natural light to enter the rooms and allow us access outdoors without leaving home.

windows balcony

When the window is closed, the balcony railings are deployed and do not stick to the cover. Thus, to be below the plates covers, not dirty or negatively affect the aesthetics of the roof. Persax has launched its line of window shutters are available in a wide array of finishes and colors, you can adapt this proposal to any architecture or decorative scheme.

The advantages of Majorcan window are varied. Being a window lama wins such a high degree of safety, at the same time without losing the convenience of an external shutter and a perfect finish.

The use of aluminum allows for a wide range of anodized finishes and wood finishes. Furthermore, adapt to any architecture and assembly are simple, fast and does not require costly.

The Mallorcan adjustable blade also has the benefit of light and air graduate, easy cleaning and intimacy at home. Includes two systems available: the swing and slide by slide rail.

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