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Besides fluorescent bulbs and lamps, enclosed spaces require natural light sources to convey a sense of openness and joy to the environment. The windows fulfill this function, but also require coatings that allow the lighting level graduate and d├ęcor contribute to an air of exclusivity.

window curtains

The first thing that comes to mind is to cover them with curtains. However, the manufacturing cost is not always available to our pocket, and that by its thickness can not enjoy all the sunlight they wish, unless the stay partially open.

On the other hand, there is a better alternative to “dress” the windows with elegance, versatility and lower cost. These are the curtains, which are layers of fabric that come before the curtains to act as sills.

The idea is that instead of the pair curtain curtain we run only with the latter, as a texture to be thinner, usually tulle or organza-like material may remain closed and give an effect of diffused natural lighting according to their color.

If we feel that the finish is very simple, we can choose embroidered in high relief models and combine more than one color, so the blur transmit warmth.

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