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A priori, the idea of a water garden can be difficult and seem unthinkable to perform. However, creating a water garden is simple and feasible, and does not depend on further care or maintenance than conventional gardens. Deciding on the best species of aquatic plants, recognize water indispensable virtues and achieve a suitable design is very important for the realization of a water in the garden. Ponds, fountains and some types of pools, are the main elements for the design of a water garden.

Items needed for a water gardenHave a good space in the garden, or use and build effectively with that account, is the basis for designing a water garden. The structures of the pond, the fountain or pool can be prefabricated. Otherwise, the performance depends on the help of a professional, especially for the best possible ground.

Creating a space in the garden and aquatic plant species

If you decide on an artificial pond, which should be considered is the material by which to choose. The structure will be buried to the ground, deducting only the location. However, if the water container manufacturing is on us, there are several options, such as waterproof panels or brick structures, opting for the depth and shape that will have.

A variety aquatic plants, however, the plant species that can advise the Primula florindae are the Thypa minimal, Nelumbo Sp, Calla palustris, the Nympahea Odorata, Iris and Acorus calamus Pseudacorus.

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