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Vintage furniture have the power to create bohemian and if we add modern details, we shall have spaces that are timeless. However, before placing antique furniture in our house we must be careful because the old wood are one of the favorite places for eating insects such as beetles and termites.

Vintage Furnitures Decoration

Tips for proper cleaning, preparing and restoring antique furniture

– What do you need? Materials and basic tools

To clean the furniture you will have to have a knife, sandpaper and steel wool, bleaching and stripping. Then it is important to buy some woodworm insecticide so that you can prepare the wood properly. And finally will need the following materials to restore the wood surface: brush and brush, a bristle brush, a chisel, grain sanding block and a half, wax substances, cements and varnish.

It is recommended that at all times utilities proper clothing, a mask, goggles and gloves.

Where you should perform this task?

The wind and the sun dries the wood, so it is better not to work outdoors. The ideal is to work in a room with stable temperature and away from sources of heat or cold.

– How to clean an antique?

When to start the cleaning process, you will have to throw off the layers of paint and varnish on the surface of the furniture in order to get to the bottom of the timber.

To remove these layers, you must completely strip the furniture on the wood using hands so many coats of paint stripper and have the furniture. Then you must use a spatula to remove traces of paint, varnish and any remaining flux along the surface.

In cases in which it has been a layer of fat stripper, you have to use a steel wool soaked in alcohol to complete the cleanup.

– How to prepare wood for a proper restoration?

Once the furniture has been delivered from varnish and paint, we recommend you inspect the wood in search of woodworm. If the cabinet has been attacked by this pest, you can see at a glance the presence of small holes in the surface. If you found these holes between 1.5 and 3 mm in diameter, you will have to look inside: when the woodworm is active, the galleries look clean and polished, while the galleries are visibly inactive woodworm dark and contain dust .

If you have verified the presence of active woodworm, you will have to use a syringe to apply the insecticide product in all holes and cracks visible, then you will have to wrap the furniture with plastic. Plastic renew recommended every two days and keep it covered for at least four days.

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