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Envelope and sophisticated, Granny chair combines aesthetics, design and craftsmanship in an exceptional way. My thing this chair has been love at first sight. Would you have been the same? I love the feeling that makes us evoke this chair. You sure the chairs reminded that our grandparents were at home when we were kids. His creation is precisely inspired by them, hence its name: Armchair Granny, Grandma’s chair. Outside apart from its inspiration, which was created with this design is an armchair surround us provide extraordinary comfort. The feeling of wellbeing that feel sitting on it is unique.

vintage chairInterlacing of your seat is woven by hand and can be found in natural tones, in black and in a wide range of warm colors or cool. If you want more information about it you will find it here.

We talked of furniture inspired by the classic furniture of our grandparents. Here is the sensational Granny chair which we will present. The charm of its aesthetics and warmth that process the wood structure and the wool of his seat inevitably incite us to sit in them.

From this chair I relish the naturalness and authenticity that gives off the chair. These sensations are created by the fact of being Realize entirely by hand with fine materials. The structure is built with solid beech wood and hand braided natural rope flexibility is designed to withstand all the vicissitudes of the inner life, offering durability and comfort.

And we can not speak of a furniture inspired by our grandparents not to mention his classic rockers. Although it has a Granny Hamac much more modern design, clearly adapted to the new times.

This innovative rocking chair is made with an elastic yarn ultra soft touch that offers resistance while assuring us that will be adapted to the morphology of each. The icing on this creation is the elegant design of its frame of natural beech wood. This natural addition, it also gives strength to the rocker.

The cushion that brings integrated headrest has just confirmed what we’ll be comfortable lying in this hammock. If you want more information on it you will find it here.

If you want more information on these chairs will find it here.

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