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It is worth remembering that this is the first online store specializing in custom blinds with measuring and installation service. Recently presented its new proposals in roller blinds, in the kind of blind. It is the most widely used for its simplicity and lightness, in addition to the wide variety of decorative alternatives offered.

This type of blinds can be fitted into the frame of the window or cover a larger space. Can also be used for doors, providing in this case a great visual impact.

Vertical windows

Trend and Screen collections are those that have been renovated, they used a material made ​​of fiberglass and PVC, which provides them with fire retardant properties. At the same time, offer new colors and prints. Velux offers new ways to optimize the access to natural light and the ability to enjoy views from attics or mezzanine, with its range of vertical window sill, ideal for architectural enclosures.

Among the main features of these windows is worth noting its opening tilt, which allows to combine different Velux roof windows. This allows the closure of large vertical surfaces. The operation is very simple. The upper end part of these vertical window sill is inserted into the bottom of the window covering. Thus, increasing the glass area and the greater the feeling of spaciousness.

These windows can be found in various heights, more precisely at 95, 115 or 137 centimeters. They can also incorporate a safety glazing and driven by a handle located on the frame.

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