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Until today, the vertical gardens were an exclusive malls or public places, given its significant cost. However, that changed, and the possibility of a material required for such gardens, it is increasingly feasible. The essential material for the construction and development of a vertical garden panels are modular. These panels are what give form and structure to the vertical garden, coming specially manufactured to fulfill that role.

vertical gardenThe options are diverse in both panels. Their diversity reflects the different places where they can be placed. There are interior panels, which come with the right plants and outdoor panels. In the case of the first, is ideal for interior decoration and for those with a flat space of garden or terrace. As for the latter, are more than adequate as gardening decoration, also adding a special touch to the garden.

modular panels

The modular panels, as we said, come in different forms, ourselves can choose whichever is appropriate and right for what we want. In turn, each modulator panel has all the necessary instructions, either for their care, their uses and better maintenance. In turn, they also come in different sizes and dimensions.

Acquiring a modulator panel comes from the outset with appropriate plants and flowers. Your garden is ideal adaptation and noticeable when it combined with different plants and flowers, and perhaps covering a wall or a wall that spell took away our green space.

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