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Composting is a natural element essential for the proper growth and flowering in our garden. The earthworm is an easy way to generate such payment, then we will give you the necessary information. As its name implies, the worms are the key element of the earthworm. Places where you can make the vermicompost are different. It can be done in a bed or in containers such as boxes or drawers. Turn, can be located in the same garden on balconies, kitchens or basements.

Vermicompost, natural fertilizerThe important thing is that the worms have the necessary organic waste for food. The soil must remain moist and lumbricario must be in shady.

Forms of worm

If they choose to locate in a flowerbed lumbricario, this must be narrow and long. On one hand, at one end of the bed placed leaves, branches, cardboard, newsprint grass. In turn, boards should also be put on the sides of the bed, locking issue in order to keep waste to overflow.

Items such as branches, leaves, grass or newspaper, the worms produce direct to the site, giving the possibility of removing the compost they were developing and producing them where they were.
The payment of earthworms

The resulting compost worms in lumbricario favors flowering, fruiting and growth of plants, fruits and vegetables produce more nutrients.

As for the worms, we should note that play weekly, daily eat the equivalent of their own weight per day and generate a kilo of humus, with 200 worms altogether.

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