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The walls and floors must have all the attention when redecorating. Sure, the overall ceilings are a nice paint job, but after that, they are generally ignored. A fun way to improve boring ceiling is to decorate them with unique items that would not normally be associated with decoration, and less with the roof. Hundreds of people have decorated the roof in the past with mirrors and rugs, but those days are over. It is time to remove the carpet, put a fresh coat of paint and start with some unconventional ways to improve your roof. For a game room or living room, try pasting pieces of a game of checkers and then glue the board to the ceiling. You can even paint the form of a table around the board game, or you can even use the top of a table. You can do the same in another part of the roof with a chessboard, Monopoly or another board game. If you want to go completely crazy, paste coasters with drinks glasses on tables with dice, cards or counterfeit money. You can have great fun with games like Scrabble or Boggle, where you can spell out what you want to say to your guests. Do not forget you can use a rug or maybe a chair or table with the legs cut off, but only if you have high ceilings.

ceiling decorationCeiling Decoration

This decoration can not serve for a bath, but you can get a fishing net and pasting or attaching it to the ceiling, then put stars and snails in the network. If you already have a maritime theme in your room, try sticking snails of various sizes to the ceiling. You can use them both in its natural color, and paint. Among the snails can put a seahorse or a star, and if not, you can go buy as handicrafts. Also among the snails can put coins, costume jewelry or a little tired of the beach glass. A simple but unique look to the ceiling of a bathroom is fancy stick tiles.

For a teenage girl, an idea may include a pair of jeans stuck to the roof, with T-shirts, jewelry, belts, scarves, bandanas, hats or even shoes. They can be arranged in the shape of people, or can only be placed at random. Or, desarregle the roof to make it look messy, like a bed full of clothes, piles of notepads, pencils, papers chocolates, gas caps and a small bucket of paper around. Books and notebooks should be pasted on the inside so it will not open.

The fourth of a man also can be decorated with a bit of a mess, or you can put a baseball, football, or other sports items. You can also use foam to generate letters and spell “football”, “rugby” or “basketball”, instead of hitting objects alluding. Or you can paste a set of tracks of a toy train on the roof, then put the locomotive and a couple of cars, a couple of cars, some grass and some trees. The image is of graphic decoration.

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