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An easy way to decorate, add color, texture and intimacy to our bedroom, living room or dining room is to place a good quality carpet and to give life to the rooms of the house. Even that kind of scenery is best known in the East since ancient times. Oriental rugs are lightweight and usually are placed on the walls. The oldest and largest number of imperfections are considered better and more original. In Adaptive Home Lifestyle we help you categorize and choose the one for your decor:

types of oriental rugsCaucasian Rugs: They come from the regions that lie between northwestern Iran and eastern Turkey, including areas of Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are characterized by very refined and play with basic colors.

Chinese Blankets: These blankets are traditional ornaments Buddha or Taoist motifs like the dragon going on a pale background and colored designs. The predominant colors are blue, red, ivory, green and yellow.

Persian rugs: blankets include popular Tabriz, Heriz and Sultanabad. Some come in colors more formal than others, but almost all have many small colorful drawings.

Hindus Blankets: These blankets come from the region of Agra and Amritsar. Most colors are softer and less rigid design than other oriental rugs. The designs are similar to Persian rugs with the difference being less opulent.

Tibetan rugs: They are handmade in Nepal, are of good quality and high cost. The materials used in their preparation are wool, silk or the combination of both. Present Buddhist representations or animals. Their colors are solid and contemporary designs.


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