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In today’s post we are going to present a reinterpretation of Japanese minimalist style, taken to its maximum expression from an absolutely innovative. This risky proposition Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto leaves no one indifferent. The house, named after NA House, is located in a residential area of ​​the city of Tokyo. Construction began in January 2010 and was completed in April last year.

A twist on the Japanese minimalism

The whole house is composed of different levels connected with endless steps, creating many small spaces dedicated to leisure time. Of course, what stands out the project is the absolute transparency of the inner life, exposed to the eyes of neighbors and passersby. Yes, the windows / curtain wall have moments that can be used for privacy or to block outside light at night. To better understand this proposal, do not fail to see this video that runs inside the housing.

In this transgressive architect, who graduated in 1994 and set up his own studio in 2000, likes to classify his work as “Future Primitive”. Their houses represent caves or caverns where people took shelter in primitive times, while reflecting, more metaphorical, spiritual or emotional recollection often invades our lives. Everything from a futuristic perspective can be seen that the use of both materials and linear forms.

This conception of architecture as Minimalist makes his works seem technically very basic but at the same time are complex in concept. This creative architect also has a great appreciation for nature and it is present in many of his works. The green color of plants decorate the interiors of their buildings in the city, and the rest of its projects are located in natural surroundings.

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