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There are several species of trees that are ideally suited to small spaces, in addition to generating a good look and a good garden decoration. There are varieties of small-sized trees that are suitable for the garden, and there are varieties of trees that resist higher growth but pruning, so it is necessary to place about design and dimensions of the garden.

Tree species ideal for small gardensThe Pendulum birch, sumac, holly, Catalpa, Japanese maple and linden are some of the appropriate species of trees to plant in small gardens. In turn, we can recommend roughly spherical trees, rustic species, evergreen holly trees and bushes molded.

Faced with either option is advisable to seek a suitable location, thinking and evaluating the arrival of the sun, both for other species and cultivated as the windows of the house.

Characteristics of trees for small gardens

In most cases, the ideal time for planting these tree species is during the middle seasons, autumn and spring. In case they are planted in containers, cultivation may be performed at any time. We repeat that with frequent pruning, these trees can be molded at will, effectively adapting to garden space.

On the other hand, species such as mulberry, banana and lime, are good for shaded areas in summer and are suitable for winter, as the bare tree leaves allows the passage of the sun.

It is important to the shape and size of the leaves of trees. For large leaves, pruning is necessary, aconsejándose a spherical shape. Small leaves, function better, allowing the passage of sunlight.

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