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A good time for transplanting plants and flowers in pots kept to our garden, is the time of the winter months. To do it the best way to avoid potential problems and taking care of the health of the plants, we give some important tips.
In the first instance, we recommend watering heavily before the transplantation. The bread should be moist ground from the day before, to prevent breakage. In turn, the bread of the plant to remain healthy. Upon extraction of the plant pot may be that some roots are attached to the walls of the container, this must be done with a long knife.

transplant gardenSubsequently, at the time of extraction, with the container turned, should gently tap the base thereof. If neither the bread comes out of the plant must break the pot. This broken pot will not spoil, it can run in the background, and in the garden, on the same floor.

Transplantation garden

The pot in the garden should be bigger than the pot in which the plant was previously transplanted. In turn, should be performed, at the bottom of the pot, a draw. We transplanted the plant, good root development will help with good organic matter.

This organic matter must result from the mixture of humus, gravel, decomposed organic waste, topsoil, peat and perlite.

Then, to give it the proper way to plant during growth, pruning is recommended on a regular basis. Pruning should run on twigs, branches and ends inside a tipping under the branches. Finally, watering must be in abundance.

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