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One of the devices that never fails in any home is undoubtedly television. It is very difficult to find a house fully furnished and has dispensed with it, although in many cases offer a discordant note with the other elements. So we are going to teach some tricks to make your decor is maintained in harmony. Currently with flat screens is easier to hide a TV. A few years ago it was an almost impossible task.

tips to hide tv

Hiding the TV

When planning the decor of a room and just put all the elements, you may reach a point where you wonder what to do with the TV that does not go with the rest of the furniture but do not want to remove. The solution is to hide while the highlighting off for the rest. Obviously when it is on as much we hide under the TV.

The idea that more is usually carried out is to hide it in a cabinet with an interior designed to the TV where you can close the doors when they are going to be seeing.

The evolution of this idea is that our electrical mechanisms television appears and disappears within own furniture using a mechanical arm or lower the ceiling every time we enjoy.

Another simple idea but it can give great results, the television is placed behind a curtain that we run every time we watch a television content. To not have to be getting up every time, you can install an electric motor to open and close the curtains to distance itself when we want.

A new use

With the new generation of televisions also arise ideas like using it as a picture, a photo or a mirror holder when not want to see anything, that is, we can put it on a wall and cover the edges with a framework that simulates the tables and mirrors, or set a screensaver with the image that we like as a decorative canvas.

The most important thing is to have imagination and adapt the ideas to the style that has the rest of the stay.

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