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Having a small space like a balcony relax does not mean we should leave it empty and soulless. Decorate a small balcony is challenging, and therefore more exciting. Also we will be more satisfied with the result because of the difficulty involved. People living in cities, most of the time must comply with that little space and are not going to let lose the chance to enjoy it as they deserve for something as minor as a few meters.

small balcony

The concept of small is very subjective, but might have a few meters, they are poorly distributed, or too short.

There are three things you should not miss on a balcony, however small: a place to sit, a place to sit and some plant things. You can opt for natural materials like wood that charming, wrought iron for a romantic or small modular furniture designers increasingly made ​​more aware of the problems of space in modern homes.

Tables and chairs folding or extensible, pots do not need accessories latching onto a railing, or durable plastic materials that imitate natural fibers exposed areas. If you have no space to put large plants, vertical gardens are very fashionable, just take up space and have a strong visual impact.

Some plants and strategically placed lighting, a table and a chair where you can have coffee and read the paper on Sunday morning, a splash of color in the pots, accessories, an ashtray or furniture and you can enjoy that space at some point has been reached seem useless.

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