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n the rush of first thing in the morning before leaving for our work, children to school, etc., We have no time to leave the house in order. Especially the bathroom, this room of the house where we always can give the impression that everything is “in between” (towels, gel, our makeup, etc.). To keep your bathroom tidy always advise you to make use of supplements and aids that will facilitate this task. Takes note of our tips:

bathroom decor* If you have a few meters and you can not use lockers to store, takes the height of the walls and corners, use them to place shelves or cabinets.

On the toilet, behind the door or next to the tub, you can put furniture cabinet or miniestantería. You can also add shelves in the corners or on each side of the mirror. We recommend the crystal, since no space visually.

* As always, the best solution for your makeup products and utensils are acrylic boxes, which can be placed inside drawers or corner sink countertop.

* If you need an auxiliary mirror while some extra space to store, dec√°ntate incorporating a mirror at the back a small closet. Decorative and functional result simultaneously.

* Choose pieces with double duty as towel holders have a bar to hang the towel you are using, and to place a shelf above the clean and keep them on hand. Attached to this practical and useful wall ornament, takes up minimal space.

* Whether you have or not dramatically enhances furniture, carts, cabinets, benches with lid, etc., Help you better organize everything that accumulate in the bathroom. The drawers can be placed in a corner, behind the door or under the bathroom countertop. Also, the hinged lid banquettes provide extra storage place, and banks, a shelf to display, for example towels.

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