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Although we do not have enough space in our house (at least not that we want), what should we not miss is the ingenuity to find the right solutions to our problems home distribution. Only we need to “turn on the light bulb” and use all the decoration and lighting resources we have at hand. One of the most used rooms and strangers (read guests) at home is the bathroom. Therefore, we must make the best of channel views with a “look” brighter, which will create greater sense of space, so they can get to not recognize at first glance.

bathroom lightingFor the task of refurbishing their bathrooms not so difficult, to share with you some tips that can be of great use when carrying out their “light remodeling.” May the light reaches your mind and your room corners!

The key is to use wall tiles in bright colors and with the fewest possible drawings. Preferably, they do not have any design or in the worst case, a line of tiles on the upper or central.

We can change our old washing one glass / transparent resin, the same material as the sliding doors to the shower. But if we do not have enough budget for the doors, we can use curtains in pastel colors, in which case the Lavavo could also be the same color.

Although space remaining ornaments, flowers attract the good vibes, providing a more relaxed feel and we feel that is a bigger place. It is advisable to place them on a high shelf or on top of the toilet tank. The effects are felt immediately.

If you have the opportunity to build or rebuild the bathroom any part of it, they see the possibility of a window in the wall facing the shower rectangular (wider than long) and complement the new place finish with a large mirror. So the air will vent better and not transmit the feeling that we are locked in a mini-enclosure.

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