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Brightness, joy and warmth. The Mediterranean is not only the name of the sea that bathes the warm waters of the Spanish east coast, not only is a healthy-and even legendary-supply. The Mediterranean is also and above all, a way of life and hence decorating.

The Mediterranean style

The decor prints the Mediterranean style is characterized by the great source of light that floods the home constantly, projecting warmth and joy, energy and life.

During the day, the sun enters anywhere in the house, and intensify heat and light bouncing off the white light and reflected colors on the walls. This open declaration of interest does not result in the sacrifice of privacy at all: the provided privacy blinds, suggestive and filtering excess light.

The rooms of the house, rustic and simple, are free and fresh, stripped of many trivial objects and accessories. The decor is relaxed while original, never relaxed away from the life of the culture she was born.

The materials suggestive of this style are wood, tiles, ceramics, terracotta and iron. Many decorative items are based on forging (mirror frames or lamps) and the actual structural beams of the house are left in view, similar to that seen in the industrial style. The floors, fresh as the breeze blowing in the warm Mediterranean coasts are terracotta or wood. And the green of the plants becomes indispensable in this decoration, both inside and outside.

The furniture, following the pattern of naturalness, warmth and simplicity of this style, are made of wood and wrought iron finished with rustic style to give the home a touch closer to the people who inhabit it.

The Mediterranean style is, without doubt, a reference in the decor.

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