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The textile accessories are in charge of providing a touch of color and warmth to a room. Curtains, carpets sofas and armchairs, cushions and carpets, should be chosen and coordinated colors and patterns according to the style and color of the furniture. You probably already have thought about the color of textile accessories that you incorporate into your living room, but you should also consider the materials as furniture or complement each has a different use.

Choosing correctly textiles salonThe sofas, especially if used daily, require scuff resistant fabrics, better still if they are washable. To be more functional suffered choose colors (chocolate brown, blue, etc.). Mixed with cotton or synthetic fabrics jaqcuard are recommended.

The same is true if the cushions are decorative use only, you can use silk, velvet and beaded appliques.

Determine what kind of curtains you are most pleasing to your living room. If what you need is clarity, the curtains will miss best light, sheer fabrics like chiffon, linen or muslin. Curtain with greater poise and consistenica, materials such as cotton, linen or velvet are more appropriate.

In carpets have several options, the most common being wool rugs, perfect for housing in cold climates. The soft touch cotton is ideal for warm areas, keep in mind that can shrink when washing, to prevent this from happening to Choose by synthetic blend. If you are looking for strength and economy acquires a synthetic carpet fibers. The colors and patterns on offer is extensive and they also are perfect for modern living rooms.

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