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Living in an attic should be a real treat. Enjoy views and ample space above the city undoubtedly is priceless. Today I want to speak specifically of the terraces of the penthouses, how leveraging that privacy, which in a way is given to the upper floors of a block, we can create different magical places. The truth is that the terrace of a penthouse normally has so much light and so much space that the options are endless. Today I selected a few that seem particularly interesting.

terraceWe can begin with theme decks, those that try to recreate, as a rule, far away places. For example, while they became very fashionable terraces with Arabian touches. Yes, terraces that seemed drawn from the thousand and one night, that perfectly blended materials like wood, wattle and forging, always united with excellent taste in textiles, with hundreds of colors, textures and silk base Many Moroccan-style decorative objects.

They are not the only themed penthouse terraces, because the truth is that the type oriental garden, or Zen garden, also look pretty.

At this point I would like to point out a type of decoration that I find it quite inspiring, and I’m seeing lately is that many terraces that use the aesthetics of the tents. Remember, for those who do not know, that the tents are tents used by nomadic tribes to settle in the desert. They are usually made with carpets and fabrics, and now, people have taken this aesthetic to the terraces of their houses, creating places covered with fabrics that resemble these rustic tents.

The vegetation is always a good option, and that is that if we really want to complicate buying furniture and decorating with objects, fill the terrace of a penthouse with lush plants is most recommended. Privacy win one hand, it is difficult to see through a thick jungle. Furthermore, we will create a cool place in our home, ideal for summer evenings.

The use of old items is also imposed, as in the rest of our home, on the terraces. The penthouses have, typically, with spacious terraces where you can add a host of these objects. We redecorate our plot on high with forging antique tables surrounded by colorful plants or opt for colorful tiles, as in the ancient courtyards but based on style a bit more colorful.


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