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Having a small (or large) balcony or terrace, if properly cultivated space and makes it functional, can have a major positive impact on households with few square meters. These spaces are always associated to relax, rest, a little sun, a place to share or isolate, some plants that look, see the world from a distance as if we were part of it. Each person will find a different way to enjoy the terrace or balcony but everything depends mainly decorative solutions we adopt. Well resolved, can become a space of the house, lived, decorated, usable and comfortable in both summer and winter.

terrace decoration

When space and balcony or terrace design permits, work benches or any gaps treated wood, you will serve as a seating area where you can add some cushions for comfort and then is the place to store, along with other decorative elements of the terrace. Umbrellas, gazebos, umbrellas or even a mosquito curtains set as an awning, and indirect lighting candles can make the perfect space. You can even give a vintage feel with retro elements.

A must, at least, table or nightstand and some seat as you have available space can range from a chair or chaise longue to a simple table and chairs wrought iron or some light material. And do not forget the recycled furniture such as pallets made ​​from treated, that the weather can also be a super-decorative solution.

Add plants and seeks to be of resisting temperatures or climate of your city throughout the year, or be aware to protect and beautify your deck grow year after year. You’ll be out, but you will feel at home.

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