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According to climate changes that occur in the year, garden care must correspond with such variants. That is to perform various maintenance garden to ensure the best health of plants and flowers, on as they approach the cold months. Fall is an appropriate time to run training pruning. During these months the plant shoots are not important enough in the spring months, so it is recommended to conduct such pruning on young trees and saplings.

Tending Your Garden in FallCare fall depending on the species

Fall is a good time to perform transplants of some species, such as shrubs and trees. In species of trees like ombĂș, jacaranda and sneak, care must remain for years. The trunks of these tree species should be covered with newspaper and straw, in polyethylene cylinders.

In turn, some sensitive species should be covered with frost. The sites for these species can be indoors or under larger trees, which the cover of such frost.

Planting in autumn

On the other side, beyond the care that should be paid to the garden during the cold months, fall is a favorable time to begin laying the subsequent planting. Fall is a good season to anticipate changes or tasks to be performed later.

The beds, for example, has performed in spring should be planned in the fall. It is recommended to prepare the area where will these beds, either by cutting the grass and covering it with newspapers or cardboard and dry grass above, after properly fumigated. In this way a good compost is generated in said area for the future cultivation.


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