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Temperedglass is a new series of tempered glass, developed by the company Crystal Pontevedresa, highlighted especially by achieving maximum hardness and strength and at the same time preserving the transparency of glass. This material carries a resistance between 4 and 6 times higher than traditional glass. This allows end with the idea of glass as fragile material, transforming this alternative home an option even impact resistant.

Importantly, the annealing process increases the resistance made ​​of glass and the material becomes a safety in case of breakage, in addition to apply a thermal shock which hardens the material.

tempered glass

Also optimized the versatility of tempered glass, due to mechanical improvements implemented in its production, which allows use of both outdoor and indoor.

Oltreluce windows is a range of Starwood company meets all the conditions of contemporary design and also the most advanced technology. One of the most important features is the reduction of the frames.

Thus, the extremely small size of the aluminum frames give more space to the glass surface, allowing contact with the outside is greater and operating.

The line was designed under the concept of “retractable frame”, so it is visible a single strip of aluminum. It is even possible to install the window with some special devices almost eliminate the visible presence of the frame.

Another interesting decorative solution used is a combination of wood and aluminum, achieving an aesthetic symbiosis of great weight and also contributes to the stability and functionality of the windows.

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