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More and more people who can not live without television and miss when they have to go to the bathroom or shower. To these people have created a series of advances that enable not miss a minute of your favorite program and can be aware of everything from first thing in the morning. Thanks to technological advances, we can put TVs in places unthinkable until recently.

Televisions for shower

Display in the mirror

Undeniably spend much time in the bathroom if we add the time we spend in shower, make do, make-up, shaving … and sometimes these tasks become monotonous and boring, so we miss being able to have a TV in the bathroom.

Currently there are models that can be installed in the mirror. When the TV is off, the mirror will present his normal appearance, but when we fire a screen inside the mirror that will allow us to see any content while we are performing any task that requires us to stand before him. This seems so futuristic invention, it is becoming more successful in many homes and is a very convenient option to make our stay more enjoyable in the bathroom.

Televisions for shower

The other great part of our time in the bathroom is in the shower and there are few people who have not ever thought of having a TV in to view while soaping or relax with the water falling on her back . This thought can become a reality thanks to the development of models that hold moisture and water contact and can even integrate a tile like more.

There is also the possibility of placing a normal TV built into the wall to be viewed in any situation, though no doubt the best option and perhaps the most future is going to have to place the screen in the mirror, because no we will be removing space in the bedroom and it is integrated in an element that is essential in any bathroom.

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