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In the rustic decor today, innovation has long passed and the latest styles and designs are adapted slightly but leave its mark. There remain elements of classic country houses: wood, stone, antiques, exposed beams, fireplaces and furniture resistant. However, materials and innovative designs, colors, shabby romanticism, debugging minimalist industrial functionality or make an appearance and lightening the traditional rustic style filling.

stylish rustic home

The combination of rustic spaces with antique floors and sofas, armchairs or chairs or Nordic industrial design, modern kitchens and appliances and LED lighting last model balanced and updated space without making it lose its essence.

Modern solutions in allocating space, place the decorative, use colors or play with the materials, are a new feature that makes rustic settings to suit even semi urban or urban.

Stone, natural materials like cane, rattan, wicker or esparto, or traditional ceramics can be forged to achieve definitive rustic we want. That, of course, not forgetting the importance acquired in the rustic decor textiles. Curtains, quilts, bedspreads and even towel will be critical to achieving the desired decoration.

Play with colors, uses no natural light or thoroughly studied the location of artificial lighting so that there is no detail to chance. A well-placed little focus can cause an irregular wall decorative object seems genuine. It’s all about taking good care of the details, because a country house is no longer what it was.

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