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If you’re looking for a stylish chair to complete this very special corner of your house, the chair Pocket Chair is perfect for you. The natural touch of her soft colorful material and give it a look as sophisticated dazzle inside your home. Pocket Chair is made of leather and wood, two materials that together with its creamy tones give it that touch so natural to the couch.

pocket chair

The leather seat looks perfectly in the wooden structure of the sofa, ergonomic structure which certainly makes the soft feel of leather we “embrace” to be sitting on it.

All these details make that to be a cozy armchair. I assure you that sitting on the couch Pocket Chair can spend long evenings enjoying a good book or a good conversation. That corner that was special for us and with it will become our favorite area of the house.

This creation has been created by the German design studio Ding 3000 and we can acquire through the signature Discipline.


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