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Clumps are aesthetic forms that can develop in any area of a garden. Setting of the code to be solid as a compact, uniform whether or not it can take different levels, of any shape, where they will present a united front, a lot of plants and flowers identical or, conversely, a huge variety of species and colors. The massif offers a wide variety of decorative options. If you choose to create a solid basis of different plant species and colors of flowers, a good option is to design it in some special way, as can be staggered, with tallest flowers in the center and smaller at the sides, creating and a decrease in the bulk.

structure of the gardenMoreover, the aesthetic sense that can give the solid can be determined only by the colors of plants and flowers. Thus, the set and the location of the plant within the solid depend on the combinations you want to give, making concentric shapes with colors, or parallel or horizontal, in short, the way most prefer.
Garden areas ideal for solid

Previously we said that, for example, a straight space between two paths or a strip at the base of a wall, can be two good sectors to establish a solid garden. In any case, it is important to generate a density in the solid generate the feeling of something compact.

For the choice of plants should be studied in the field where the solid will. Wetter sites with optimal plants, such as cannas or shut. In the center is placed the highest good: chrysanthemums or solidagos. On the sides, small plants can be aster, boxus, nemesia, santonin, etc.

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