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The rustic style is one of the most classic to be found, however, in recent years it has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and sought after. The possibility of placing stone walls is one of the biggest trends in home decor. For some time the rustic decor is a rising star, part of this popularity is because it is a style that no matter the time elapses, it never gets old and allows us to make changes from time to time while maintaining its essence.

Stone walls, protagonists of decoration

One of the great ideas when it comes to decorating a house with rustic stone walls is placed. Although it might seem at first, it’s easy to get down to work and allows conceal irregularities that may have the walls of our house.

Natural or synthetic stone

The stone walls give a touch especially welcoming and is definitely star material in interior decoration. The warmth they offer is high and the result is comfortable and which can be combined perfectly with modern d├ęcor, creating original spaces following the latest trends and achieving the most sophisticated decor.

There are different models of stone to place on the walls, but there are different materials. It may be natural or synthetic depending on budget that count, although it is true the synthetic stone is increasingly achieved and finishes are very similar to those of natural stone.

Mixed Styles

When choosing the stone model, we find a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and even textures, depending on where you stay and if we want them to be merely a decorative element or if instead we want to maximum prominence.

Stone walls can give a personal touch to your home if you combine well not only with the rustic style, but with a more modern style, perfect to break stereotypes in decor mixed with glass and wood to create amazing spaces and unique.

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