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The stone is a material that is very popular in interior decoration. Today we will see the features, budget and style involving these walls. Garnish with stone. To take any of our stone walls, the first thing we have to decide is if you prefer the natural stone or artificial stone we chose. This will depend largely on the budget we have, since natural stone has a substantially higher cost. Both types have a variety of designs ranging from purely rustic style to the most avant-garde. Combining stone materials like glass or wood, resulting in unique spaces.

Stone walls, a rustic style

We can take stone walls of any room by combining well with the furniture and accessories. Thus, the living room, hall or kitchen, will have a new look very elegant giving the space a touch of warmth and comfort.


The stone is generally a very resistant material. Artificial stone tiles are also very light and easy to install as they come cut into slabs of the same size and with great relief. So to save a little more, we try to place ourselves.

The stone walls are a little more complicated to clean, but we can fix it with a cloth and soapy water in the case of artificial stone. Be especially careful with this, because if the stone is natural, moisture may appear with some kind of fungus. We can use any special cleaning antifungal but not too aggressive as it could damage the stone. If you are in doubt it is always better that you consult with a professional.

Encourage them to use this material in the decoration of your house, and you will see how happy quedais.

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