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Maximum use of space is fashionable. The latest trend is on the stairs with boxes, where you can store all the things you do not know where to store. The increasingly smaller houses have caused you have to play more and more with the space and maximize every corner of the house, which is why we have to create drawers or places where you can save more.

Maximize space with stairs drawers

To what use this furniture

When we have a two-story house, but we do not have too much space in general, it is time to build on each corner of the house. One of the best solutions is to use the staircase area.

We can keep almost everything in it, but I do not have much space in the drawers, we can use them to keep things more or less small. For example things we do not use too much, as some tools.

Another of the most useful ways to use this space is to use it to keep all the shoes, so we can put this one we put on the bottom rung and work up as the footwear you are going to use less. This is an option if we do not care that people can see our shoes.

The stairs and drawers

This furniture is the most famous are taking today, as it has two functions, such as ladder and drawers. With this, we can use it to climb up the stairs and to keep things that do not fit anywhere else.

For placement we make a small work by removing the steps that are built and embedding these drawers in the walls (so it is important that we clear the steps of the staircase and ask for professional help).

The bottom of the ladder

Another of the most exploited in the house is the bottom of the staircase, a place commonly used to place a decorative table, a wardrobe for coats or shelf, but how about putting a drawer?

It is best to take every inch of space and aesthetics does not break with the rest of the house. To do this we have two options.

One is to create it ourselves from scratch, building each piece and adapting to the space we have available. The best thing about this is that we will use the most of space, but the problem is that we have to build whole buying wood and making custom parts.

Another option is to choose by size drawers. It is one of the best options if we do not want to complicate too. We can buy boxes of different sizes and not fill the entire space, but use part as decorative furniture to hold keys, put the phone and / or books.

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