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Aged appearance and a vintage feel, the new collection Canavas, Gandia Blasco is actually an elaborate design based textile cross stitch. Recently presented at the Milan Fair, caused a sensation by betting on a high quality product manufactured in an environment where technologies have the last word.

sofa and rugs

This elaborate cross point also has the characteristic of being incomplete, so the plot is the base. The balance between the point and the point is not that which favors shabby and worn that produces its image in the distance.

But also, its creator, Charlotte Lancelot, wanted to make a nod to the pixel, then the distance, also creates an optical effect pixelated. It closely, you can see perfectly the quality of its materials, a base of felt and cotton thread 100%.

Cushions, rugs and square poufs, superbly woven into a cross stitch generously sized, this original collection form that blends traditional stitching with the latest technology. We are pleased that this firm is dedicated not only abroad, but we also give away some of their quirks for indoors.

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