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Although it sounds contradictory, it is not. Install a sofa with chaise-longue in a small size room can be a very clever solution. We received many queries asking Decoratrix tips on how to distribute a small room: where to put the sofa, where the dining area? If you place a sofa of this type in the central area of your living room trix solve a difficult distribution. Because you create a zone “hot” on the walls, leaving the center free to place library, storage and tv area with furniture that often have little background.

sofa with chaise loungeIf your living room is really small, the dining area you can always solve it with a folding table against the wall and do not miss a large proportion of the space in a “dead zone” that you only use on occasion.

If you choose this option, very careful choice of the basic parts: the rug, coffee table, cushions. At the end of the day, will be the main focus of your living room decoration. You can opt for small tables instead of one large and move them as needed. As for lighting, instead of the typical side table with lamp on top, place a floor lamp sleek, lightweight design.

To choose a good sofa with chaise-longue, I guarantee you’ll have a bit tricky. There are so many options on the market that you marerarĂ¡n a bit. For example, the company Bo Concept lets you compose your own sofa modules based on different sizes and you can always attach special space in your living room.

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