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Many people choose today for lofts or flats of small size, according to the needs and realities of the new families. In this environment, the kitchens are usually much smaller than before. Have lost their meeting, being just functional. This does not imply, however, that we have to turn them into a cold space, without polish by its decoration. There are numerous ideas and trends in order to give them a creative and personal touch. Here are some of them:

small space* We can use furniture whose usefulness seems totally defined to give our kitchen a distinctive detail, unusual, that transforms them. In the image we see in these lines, the bottom of a cabinet cupboard as common as it has become a makeshift corner pan.Alacena roasting pan with center

* The kitchen island or peninsula is a corner very useful when we do not have too much space. We will use it to those extra tasks which always left hands and place, or even as a storage medium. We can adapt the same general style of cooking, or use a recycled furniture to create it ourselves.

* We can also add a bar to eat occasionally or offering drinks to visitors: it is what is known as a mini-office. While many companies offer us this furniture, we can build it on our own, just as we have suggested above the island. It’s all about digging in our imagination to come up with the idea that the more we agrade.

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