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The decor in our walls is a very important point when it comes to dressing our home. We must look at our surroundings and know exactly what we are asking these wall voids. Most often, we end up giving in to the idea of ​​putting a painting, film or photographs. Elements that otherwise get great results, we should not take anything away because they have many years of experience.

slate wall

However, if both originality and functionality is our hallmark, we might want to choose a different type of element much more original and fun (yet practical). Have you thought about covering these walls with slate? Sure it’s an idea that you think would be great in a child’s room, but make no mistake, this element is adaptable to any corner of our home, where the decor permits.

Imagine a kitchen, with furniture that we like, or why not imagine your own kitchen. Sure there are some more visible than other wall, one in which you have hung a painting (hopefully) or that there is absolutely nothing. Well I inform you that this place is ideal to place this element Why? Is there anything more fun than writing recipes, shopping lists, messages to members of your house or have a guestbook on your wall? The modern kitchen is a place where a rule had enough time, not to mention that many families have integrated this into the dining room or living room. Considering this may be the perfect spot to place a board, which will give us a clean original touch and imagination will waste painted everywhere.

On the other hand we can also put this wall in an office, a place where the general rule ideas sprout haphazardly. We will not have to search for paper and pen to record running anything that comes to mind, now we can do it on the wall. Besides, imagine a giant calendar in which point all of our meetings? With this type of element puts limits your imagination, just her.

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