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Among the objects characteristic of the classical style homes are the elaborate silver. A few years ago were not so tied to that classic style and in almost every home had some trays, crockery, cutlery, photo frames … Clean the silver was a common household chores, as this material as elegant blackened with time.

Silverware, a touch of antiquity to your home

The origin of the silver carvings dating back to prehistory. But throughout history the art has evolved and along with a work of gold coins were produced and weapons to fight wars. In the twentieth century a movement arose goldsmith around silver and gold and since then are objects that are a must in every home classic.

Silver is a material that is easy to mold and so goes much of the production of this metal to gold. Peru and Mexico are the main producers of silver.

If your home has a silver object found, make sure if an antique piece. If so, you’ll have a little treasure, and you should consider for your care that is valuable. To identify whether an object is genuine silver, see if somewhere, usually the back, is engraved with the word sterling (sterling silver) or the name of the person who prepared it. When you read some of these words, you’re in front of a piece of luxury.

The look of the old silver you can get it yourself: applied to the silver object to age some bleach or chlorine dissolved in water having a cotton surface. So get the antique effect.

In Spain and worldwide, one of the best known and most prestigious manufacturers of silver is Pedro Duran, with over 100 years of history. His pieces are of the highest quality and always provides the buyer with a certificate of authenticity.

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