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While the colors and intensity showing flowers during the months of higher temperatures, are spectacular, the fall is also a favorable time for planting and enjoy the garden. A wide variety of plant species ideal for fall. These species reach their bloom at different levels of the autumn months, offering a variety of attractive colors. According to garden care and maintenance of the plants, we recommend constant watering and fluid, as well as many hours of sunshine possible.

How to dress the garden in autumn?It is possible that some species has certain peculiarities in relation to their most appropriate maintenance, however, we can ensure that maintaining a good watering and with sufficient sunlight per day, the plants were healthy.

Plants for Fall

In the first instance, will list a number of plants conducive to dress our garden in autumn, counting, then the particular characteristics of each. Sunflower, chrysanthemum, Bignonia, the Aster, the Crocus, the Sedum, the Ixia and francesilla.

Sunflower offers ranges golden flowers, brown, orange and red. This plant has flowering in summer and autumn. The Chrysanthemum, meanwhile, is typical of autumn, and has similarities to the Margarita.

The Bignonia is a shrub that reaches a good size. Give orange and reddish flowers in the first weeks of autumn. Aster also flourishes in the early autumn, however offers a large variety of colors.

The Crocus is a small species, conducive to the decorative frame in pots or hanging baskets, with yellow and purple colors. The sedum also functional garden decoration, offering varied colors and fleshy leaves deep green.

Finally, Ixia, requires a previous crop in the spring. Its flowers are beautiful like the color of its leaves. At francesilla, however, is a kind of summer, but there comes to flower in late autumn.

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