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What is increasingly rustic fashion. There are many options to give this particular touch to our home. In this post we propose an original idea to acclimate rustic house wall. It’s easy! High temperatures take their toll … With the mercury rising, we feel more tired, our energy is impaired. To avoid this situation, apart from constantly hydrate, a good idea is to make a mental journey to a cooler area of ​​geography … For example, in a forest, whose shadows help us fight those pesky hot flashes. We bring you an idea conformed to this green freshness of a forest to your home. It’s simple. Relax and get down the wind chill. Sounds good!

Rustic touch on the wall

We need:

Two thin trunks and twisted
Dried leaves of different sizes and colors
Grey paint
Light brown paint
Dark brown paint
Green Paint
Two large floor plants
Cola powerful


The first thing we do is light brown paint the piece of wall that we use to make our forest. It is preferable that the wall is smooth. So if you still have gotelec … A sanding the wall! It went out of fashion! We wait for it to dry thoroughly.
We now proceed to paint our forest trees. First paint, with dark brown trunks and branches and the green leaves to paint these trees.
Paste also the dried leaves of various shades have. Any dark look at the branches of the trees, and the lighter the scattered paste the base of the wall.
We take sheets of newspaper and crumple, the more the better. The sticking-let-tail with this collage we improvised on the wall. We simulate the effect of rocks … We hope for it to dry.
We paint this kind of painting gray rocks. We can apply a second coat emphasizing simulate the shape of the rocks.
Both thin and twisted trunks are going to fix-a-frame mode to define our forest, at the ends.
We put the two large floor plants where we like.

Ready! It does not take an artist to bring a piece of wood to our house. You will see how I get the feeling that you are going hiking, looking for relaxation and pleasant temperatures … Will is power!

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