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Few companies can boast a strong presence in the market and also invariably be included in the list of proposals leading products for the home. This is the case of the Danish company Normann Copenhagen of which I have spoken countless times Decoratrix. Its makers they manage well, again and again, to achieve surprise with each of their new proposals. The I bring you today is a “gorgeous” Gem is a collection of rugs inspired by gemstones.

rugs shaped
With a strong graphic expression, are carpets that stand out for their angular asymmetrical shapes, once placed in the ground generate a great 3D effect. Designed by Anne Lehmann for the Danish firm, explains that she was inspired to design Gem in “structures or minerals such as quartz amethyst, gemstones do not have a definite shape, oval or square, but consist of a number of imperfect facets that are given to them so fascinating that way. ”

For presentation, Normann Copenhagen has had the good sense to put them in three different environments in combination with the color of the carpet, thus accentuating its appeal. With shades purple, blue or gray each model combines perfectly with the furniture and objects placed around.

Made of New Zealand wool, are available in two sizes 140 x 200 cm (640 €) and 170 x 240 cm (800 €).

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