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One of the decorative accessories that must be present in every room of the house, is undoubtedly the carpet. This element, little used by many, can contribute in many ways with your decor and that is why today I bring you some designs in departments designed to put young people who want a special style to floors. As a first option I bring an ideal design decorating an apartment with two girls alone. It has a floral design and insurance symbols enjoy. You can put it under the floor of the dining room or as seen in the image below bar chairs.

rugs for kids roomIt’s a good choice to enhance the finish of the aisle, especially if it is white and needs a touch of color. The hallway carpets are useful for guests who are discharged dust on his shoes, but to always look clean is necessary to be aware of cleaning.

One option that is not only fun but also I think creative is this egg-shaped mat consisting of a large round rug with two yellow cushions, which not only serve as decoration but complement perfectly when you want to sit with some small comfort on it.

No doubt this is a gift option that goes great with some of these items that we show a few months ago.

If you have a place to study or want to start a small space at home for reading, nothing like a small rug, simply, to give a beautiful finish to your home and make guests feel that customization you want to put each location in house.

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