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The nursery should be special and very creative. It is important that their rooms have characteristics that identify them, otherwise they will not feel that the space is theirs. There are various forms and details to make your place unique and own. Then we’ll help you achieve it with some nice rugs for bedroom they will love your children. Note that you do not necessarily have to be the same mats, but the same concept. These rugs are quite creative and can place not only in the bedroom, but also in the playroom.

kids rugsFor example, the rug you see in the image has a very Disney character loved by all children: Winnie Pooh. Bright colors, plush material and will be able rectangular place in the corner of the room that you and your child want.

This carpet is very funny. It depicts a monster white and soft as a rug. Coordinates with any room color and material is hypoallergenic, perfect for children who suffer from allergies. Just give the necessary care to not Percula.

This delicious multicolored carpet especially Ergonomically even allows our children to sleep on it. It consists of a set of balls of alpaca wool, very soft and nurturing, ideal for this time of severe winter.

Finally, we must choose the carpet that is closest to what our children seek and want. It’s better when they choose and feel that they take into account in deciding what they need and that feeds their self-esteem.

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