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The female spaces need not be in the usual places like the kitchen or seam. Workspaces can be romantically decorated adaptable to different decorative styles that can range from understated minimalism and immersive environments colorful hippies.

romantic officeThe decor romantic key is the soft tones, preferably cakes, roasted, raw and white, the atmosphere should be reflected calmness and composure, no prints and decorative accessories that help complete: vases, photo frames, some flowers or plants. Furniture should preferably be rounded shapes.

Textiles are very important and curtains, shams and decorative pillows make great weight. Small as Liberty prints, pictures of Vichy, or some stripes to follow the trends of 2013 will join the great classic floral patterns or papered wall coverings. Of course, we can not give up the functionality into a workspace and storage space we calculate that for a modern and decadent at the same time, can be styled vintage. A particularly potent mix in decorative result: crafts cabinets, antique cabinets recycled or colored …

Finally, keep in mind the lighting in your work area, you can opt for hoses, indirect lamps, floor lamps or a light fixture that has adjustable height (which if you add a screen dressed in textile become the quintessential romantic detail). Add some carpet in soft, aged some framed pictures and you’ve got a very romantic workspace.

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