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With the new rent law was proposed in 2012, a number of interesting changes that can benefit both people and the owners rented. One of these changes is the ability to make reforms in the house in exchange for the invoice discounting monthly rent. With these new laws are intended to encourage rent in Spain, to meet quotas that can be found in other European Union countries.

Pay part of the rent doing construction on the house

Barter Bill

Many times when we rented an apartment or a house, we would like to make reforms to increase comfort and wellbeing during the time you are going to stay there. But it is true that in most cases we can to enjoy the improvements for a short time if we have to leave the floor for any reason and we will have lost money over it.

But thanks to the new proposal, the reforms we make to the place where we rented be deducted from the amount payable to our home.

Thus, we will have to agree with the person who has rented the property and set the value of the work that we will perform to serve as a payment method. Since the money to pay for the improvements will come out of our pocket but will also impact on the rented house, it is just that the changes we make will serve as payment.

Foster rent

This measure is more likely to rent open, because sometimes we need reforms empty flats and we can not afford so we ended up not renting. Now we can offer our floor in exchange for people who will move into performing the necessary work to condition and thus pay part of the bill for the house rent.

There is no denying that more and more people who rent due to socio-economic factors of the country, so this type of measures that benefit both rented as owner always welcome.

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