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Today I found a wicker ottoman completely renovated in a simple but effective and wanted to share with you. With just a little paint can change the face of this multipurpose accessory. In the picture accompanying the article below we can see the before and after the ottoman, and the truth is that the result given apply layers of paint of various colors is very striking. With three colors to get a perfect ottoman or vintage bohemian atmosphere, right?

Tips to renew a wicker ottoman

The paint we use to renew the ottoman does not have to be special. We simply know that the wicker “sucks” a lot of paint, so it will be necessary to give you at least three layers of paint.

If the wicker is something wrong is a good time to fix it. You can do it with wood putty. Apply before painting and do not do until it is dry.

To create stripes of colors that have been created in the image pouf need not use any special method. If the line is not entirely perfect, the result is even more personal. Besides you can always correct it with a different color paint.

And finish with one last tip. Wicker makes painting much brew their holes, so it’s important to apply enough paint in each pass. Although very careful with the amount that you have to spend and not to fall into chorretones painting. Practice with the lower layer of paint, thus chorretones fall to the ground potential.

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