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Having a very worn or stained carpet does not mean buying another, you can renew your appearance following the instructions of the Factory Plastic Bethlehem. A washable white paint base and a red acrylic numbers templates designed using a result in this piece ideal for children’s rooms. Erslev Ikea carpet model, in the corner of my children’s games, it’s easy to imagine how manchada. That was washed twice, but there was no way I had the spots (tail-cao, clay, pen …) will be. All I did was shrink and wrinkle. So I thought I’d throw it, but it occurred to me to paint and to give a second chance.

renew a rug
I did this:

* Print with Mounting Medium (for subtracting absorption cotton was very porous after two washes and use both).
* I painted the white background, this time painted with washable plastic paint.
* Garnish with red acrylic.

By using this type of material I made sure that the surface of the carpet is not stiff, and remains flexible when having to roll it, for example, to clean.

To decorate and chose a big red numbers. It’s a recurring theme that always looks good, at least I love the numbers to decorate almost anything.

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