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Many times we would like to find our beloved carpets safe from footsteps and no one eat or drink near them so they do not stain, unfortunately this is not always possible. Imagine a day when you’ve organized a meeting (lunch, dinner or children’s party), as expected you have your house in perfect condition, so that your guests will appreciate and enjoy, but when all are gone, you find one or more stains on your carpet.

Tips for removing stains from carpets
For solutions this problem immediately, and return to your carpets look like fresh from the store, consider these helpful tips:

* For grease stains, you have several options: You can spray the stain with soda, wait for it to dry and rub vigorously. If you take the stain bicarbonate, cornmeal, or talcum powder, vacuum once the stain is dry.

* If on carpet any liquid such as tea, coffee or other drink, you quickly absorb with paper towel, and then wipe from the edge toward the center, without too much force, q the carpet for not deform or lose color.

* If the item you stained the carpet is soluble in water, apply the following solution: water and mild detergent (one teaspoon of detergent per cup of water), clean gently from the edges toward the center and cover the stain with several pieces paper towel, to fix them on the carpet, put books on. When removing the papers after a few hours, the stain is gone.

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