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We live in times of great stress, and when we got home we need to relax and find a place of calm and your bedroom can be part of your home where tranquility reigns.

Colors for your room

To decorate your room we recommend using neutral colors and rich textures. Example, you can use a sage green or tan as a base. If you like you could also include a gray palette of gray, although it may be a cooler color is relaxing. The color you choose should be able to use both ground and walls, it is desirable that they are the same color.

Tips bedroom decorations
relaxing bedroom
You can also decorate your room with plants that help you unwind and also cascades bowls and candles can help your decor.

It is advisable that the colors of the furniture are also neutral and I agreed with the color of your walls. Remember that neutral colors are the most relaxing.

Also you can come very well known Japanese paper panels, for example, can be any area as the headboard. Include a vase in the corners but without being aggressive or shape or color.

All these details will help make you more comfortable Dallas and Relax your in your bedroom.

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