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Wine lovers, today I believe in you and in your decor. A few weeks ago we talked about a rack of glasses made ​​with a rake, now I will show original ideas for the caps of the bottles of wine. So a priori we may be occurring a few, but seeing the ideas selected in the gallery we realize that the possibilities are almost endless. The wine stoppers are perfect for a personal touch to our decor with small strokes.

Ideas to recycle wine corks

Plank notes, carpets, paintings, mini pots, knobs, decorations, and much more … This is what we can do with recycled wine corks. Even see what you can do with them as guards, as grouped in glass containers are also fine.

Well this is it, I hope you recycle ideas are helpful. As you will see there are ideas for all skill levels, so pick the one that best suits you and have fun doing it.

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